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Bridge over Pisuerga RIVER,
Valladolid - Burgos High Speed Railway Line Spain.
EUROCONSULT GROUP has achieved greater experience and skills as a leader provider for the transport infrastructure industry in Spain. Our portfolio includes projects both for government and private companies. We are also helping our clients in Central and South America (México, Brazil and Dominican Republic) and Europe (Portugal, Ireland, France, Germany and Poland).
Our teams cover every aspect of the project from preconstruction stage, through construction, to operation & maintenance stage.
Our more experienced designers enjoy a high recognition by the Spanish authorities of roads and railways. Our portfolio includes some of the more challenging projects that have been developed lately, for which we have always offered imaginative solutions.
Our teams of construction management professionals provide a high specialization in site supervision, technical assistance, survey and construction supervision. We customize our services to fit each client’s requirements. Our suite of construction management services covers every aspect of a client’s project from inception to completion.
This is the area in which our company stands out above competitors, thanks to the development of new technologies and inspection equipment, with all the associated engineering services.
Our areas of expertise include
Pre-construction stage
• Design management
• Feasibility and corridor studies
• Procurement consultancy
• Preliminary and detailed design
• Bridge and tunnel design
• Environmental impact assesment
• Pavement analysis
• Geological and geotechnical engineering
• Drainage plans
• Utility relocation
Construction stage
• Design check
• Structural design check
• Installation checks
• Site supervision
• Surveying
• Quantity surveying
• Quality control
• Quality assurance
• Testing of materials
• High performance in situ tests (load plate, portancemetre)
• Health & safety
Operation & Maintenance stage
• O&M consultancy for concession companies
• Pavement engineering and pavement management system (PMS)
• Pavement survey
• Road furniture survey
• Safety audits
• Structural monitoring
Terminal T4. International Barajas Airport,
Madrid, Spain.