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Euroconsult has created and developed a R+D+i project, named Visualise, as a result of a lack detection on road signalling maintenance. The systen allows to assess visibiliy at everytime of the day and in any weather condition with a high performance measurement equipment. This vehicle measures signals and panels retroreflection at a cruise speed of 100 km/h. It has been used in 15.000 km of the Spanish road network.

Visualise has an infrared illuminator electronically controlled. It also has two high resolution cameras that record the visibility of signs and panels, generating for each; its luminance curve and the evaluation of contrast for each color signal.
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Our laboratories have been present in some outstanding civil works in Spain, such as the 180 kilometres long Ocaña – La Roda highway, constructed in the record time of 18 months, or the new lines in the Madrid Metro enlargement. We often set up site labs for material testing at important infrastructure works.
Bridge over Negro river. Brazil.
Piles Monitoring. Our client wished to know the stress performance of one of the central pile while the load test to verify calculation basis. Pile depth was 64 meters. The aim of pile monitoring was to measure the strain of the reinforcement bars as accurate as possible and also the settlemet of the pile’s head. The installed equipment was also useful in monitoring the shrinkage in the pile from the concrete spillage until the load test.
Curviametro equipment
Euroconsult has developed its own management system for road networks, based on our extensive experience in the pavement condition survey of indicators in the Spanish network for more than 15 years. The success of a management system relies on the updating of the models of behavior with data from periodical surveys. High performance infrastructure condition survey of indicators for road management is becoming a common practise worldwide. Euroconsult high performance measurement and road management equipments are currently working in ten European and Central and South American countries.
Portancemetre and dynamic load plate equipment
The new high speed rail platforms require an exhaustive control to ensure a homogeneous behavior, avoiding weaknesses areas in the final infrastructure. Euroconsult Group is consultant of choice of the Spanish Public Agencies ADIF and CEDEX , in the development of high performance dynamic control systems that currently are being used in the construction survey of high speed railway lines.