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High performance measurement vehicles.
Some vehicles of our fleet: Ecodyn, Portancimetre, SCRIM® and Curviametro®. The lattest two are custom fabricated.

Euroconsult was born in the 1960’s as a testing laboratory for civil works. We strongly believe that “you can’t manage what you are not able to measure”, so one of our business lines has been to bring added value into the construction from the testing activities. The best way to do it is to know in detail the kind of data that the engineering departments have in order to understand the behaviour of structures, pavements, foundations, etc, to be able to ensure an appropriate performance of the infrastructures during their whole life cycle.

Sometimes, you just can’t measure something because there is no technology available for it. The first challenge is to develop the equipment and the necessary software to be able to obtain the desired data. Once you can measure it, you have to guess how to get the data with higher accuracy and how to do it faster. It is a “virtuous circle” that is enhanced by the creativity and innovation of our people. The engine for this process is in most cases our client’s needs. New singular infrastructures can create special requirements for their construction, operation and maintenance. This can push new testing or surveying devices to be developed, and our firm is strongly committed to that kind of activities.

Research and Development starts with the constituent elements of the building materials. Some of their most basic features can be measured in the laboratory and they are real scale models of their behaviour on the site. It is also necessary to check the quality of the materials as well as the building processes. Euroconsult has several regional labs and often sets up site labs for material testing in the most important infrastructure works.

Soil investigation is another key element in our portfolio. Foundations and underground infrastructures require specific geotechnical survey with on site testing activities in order to provide reliable data to the engineering departments. This can only be achieved by having properly trained staff and approved equipment.

Our areas of expertise include

• Concrete material testing
• Soil testing
• Aggregates testing
• Bituminous material testing
• Paintiing materials testing
• Chemical testings

In situ testing
• Dynamic load plate
• Portancemetre

Geothechnical engineering
• Geological analysis
• Ground investigations
Site investigation
Pit and bore drilling
Sample collection
Geophysical exploration
In situ testing

• Reports
Geotechnical design parameters
Geotechnical properties
Hazardous ground assessment

Infrastructure condition survey
• High performance pavement survey
Roughness; I.R.I (Laserproof)
Bearing capacity
(Curviametro and Falling Weight
Skid Resistance (SCRIM)
Laser rut measurement systems (RMLS)
3D Laser crack measurement systems.

• Pavement management
Pavement evolution prediction
Renovations works definition
Management system calibration

• High performance road furniture survey
Retroreflection for road marks (Ecodyn)
Retroreflection for vertical signs and pannels (Visualise)

Structural monitoring
• Static load tests
Dynamic load tests
Thickness and coating verification
Sonic probe in foundations
Mechanical impedance in foundations
Parallel seismic in foundations
Integrity tests performed with the ultraseismic technique on stilts and screens
Optic fiber technology for the geometric control of structures: OSMOS

Sagrada Familia Temple monitoring
We have monitorized with optic fiber (OSMOS) this Barcelona
emblematic temple permanently, during the excavation of a tunnel
with a TBM for a high speed railway line.