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Installation of 2 MW wind turbine. Spain. Enel Green Power

As a part of our diversification strategy, we have completed works on various initiatives in the following fields:

• Power generation, transmission and distribution of electricalenergy.

• Renewables energy plants design and construction management. We have helped to develop photovoltaic and thermal solar plants and also wind farms allocation.

• Energy efficiency. Our engineers and environmental experts’ team to help improve day-to-day operations, achieve energy efficiency and maintain long-term cost savings. Our goal is to optimize long-term value of our clients’ assets.

• Water treatment, involving potable water, groundwater, surface water, stormwater, wastewater, reclaimed water for re-use, etc. Engineering for appropriate water management is the central concern of Euroconsult engineers’ integrated approach.

• Environmental engineering. Our engineers and environmental planners help clients develop and add value to theirs infrastructure assets and facilities.

In all those fields, engineering for sustainability is evolving in response to the desires of individuals, companies and community groups all around the world. Our comprehensive list of civil engineering services enhances our ability to provide clients in these fields with:

• A complete coverage of services that are necessarily related to design and building of these facilities: geotechnical engineering, surveying services, construction management and others.

• A high degree of flexibility, while enabling Euroconsult to work as the prime consultant or as members of a design/build team.

Our areas of expertise include

• Allocation studies for energy plants
• Civil design of substations and transmission lines

• Consultancy in energy savings in existing buildings
• Engineering and design of PV solar power plants
• Energy certificates for buildings
• Consultancy in bioclimatic architecture
• Consultancy in Leed Certificate

• Water quality assessments
• Hydrological and drainage studies
• Water life cycle studies and audits
• Design of water treatment plants and supply networks
• Storm sewers and drainage systems design
• Wastewater treatment plants design
• Environmental resource studies
• Environmental impact assessment
• Environmental survey
• Residuals management
• Geological and geotechnical engineering
• Site supervision
• Quality control and testing services of architectural and civil works of power plants, water treatment, supply and wastewater treatment, desalination plants and dams
• Construction management

11 MW PV solar power.
Plant Madridejos. Spain. BP Solar España.
Wast e water t0ent plant.
Arroyo de la Reguera (Madrid).It serves to a population of 275,000.
Public company for the water supplying in Madrid.